October 31, 2007

The Bible

I would save the Bible. It is a guide to living; full of wisdom. It explains where we came from and how it all will end. God offers us love, pleace and meaning to life. God is the one who satisfies with his love. He is the "master of the universe." It is a book that most families display proudly. It is very powerful and one of the most often read in prision. I would say it is the most read and quoted books of all time.
Chosen by Wendy Murphy, Somersworth, NH

If I could only save one book, that one book would be the Bible. The Bible is a timeless guide to meeting our creator, learning how to live a life that blesses others, and avoiding so many pitfalls of human existence. The Bible is entertaining, enlightening, revealing, and seems renewed each time I read it.
Chosen by Marty Flynn, Wolfeboro, NH
This response was contributed through NH Public Radio.

I would chose this book because it gives the answers to everything in life.
Chosen by Jessica Andersch, Concord, NH

The Bible: Moses, St. Paul, Solomon, etc...
I Want this book's history on the every day laws and ways of the people to stay alive forever. With out the bible the world would probally be miserable with out the tales of the world and the likings of religion. People wouldn't know who made this world or how this world was made.The Book tell us myths that are entertaining and makes me think.
Chosen by Tim Laliberte, student of Concord High, Laconia, NH

Most important book throughout the ages for all to have access to.
Chosen by Lisa Emery, Tilton, NH

Save The Bible please!
Chosen by J.P. Bergeron, Tilton, NH

The Holy Bible of the Catholic Church.
It is the true word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These words will grant us salvation.
Chosen by Cindy Harrington, Practice Manager, Nashua, NH

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Anonymous said...

Why save this one? If they burn it, God can write a new one on stone tablets that won't burn, then we can choose something like a crossword puzzle or sudoku book to pass the time in the post apocalyptic future where there's not much to do.