October 4, 2007

A Child Called It by David Pelzer

I would want to save this book because it touched my heart in so many ways. It showed me how society really is and that things aren't the same and that the world isnt as perfect as the government makes it out to be. I loved this book and it was one book that I just couldn't put down.
Chosen by Jenna Paradice, Concord, NH

This book touched my soul because it is a true story about a boy trying to survive. He is trying to survive his drunken and abusive mother. It opened my mind because it showed me that I shouldn't take for granted what my partents do for me because some kids' partents don't love their children and the kids don't get to experience a real childhood.

Chosen by Megan Bolduc, Dover, NH

I would save this book from a fire because it teaches a good life lesson about how your life can be really good compared to others, and that you shouldn't take life for granted. I recommend you read this book because it will make you really appreciate your life.

Chosen by Bethany Michaud, Dover, NH

First of all, I would save this book because it has a great message. Secondly, many of my friends have recommended it to me. Finally I would save this book because I don't like to read that much and A Child Called It hooked me on books.

Chosen by Mariah Dawnis, Dover, NH

I couldn't get over this book. I cried five times just reading it. If you live sad stories, I suggest this book to you. This book would be the best book to save because it is a true story. It teaches a great lesson; not all children have a perfect life.

Chosen by Jamie Boyatsis, Dover, NH

A Child Called It teaches a big lesson on abuse. It would be important for future generations because it could encourage people being abused to talk to someone. This book is about a child named David who got abused by his mother. His mother was an alcoholic. That was part of the reason why she abused him. He also had two brother who never got abused. Eventually the father left, and David was close to death from starving, and being beat. Then eventually the teachers and nurse found out, and he was free he got taken away from his mother.

Chosen by Holly Raiche, Dover, NH


Anonymous said...

Many people have read and enjoyed Dave Pelzer's books. But there is some doubt as to whether the stories Dave Pelzer tells are entirely true. His entry on Wikipedia links to articles at the NY Times and on Slate.com that cast some doubts. Make up your own minds!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his mother is still alive. I would like to know why she did this to him. I wonder if she knows what she did to his mind. He's freaked out, of course. Unfortunately, if his mother is dead, then she is lucky... Because I would of done the same to her.