September 22, 2007

Events - October 3, 2007

Keene Public Library will host “Feed Your Mind: Read Books About Utopias and Dystopias,” at 3pm in the Youth Program Room.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Utopia as “An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.” Dystopia is often defined simply as the opposite of that. In Utopian Literature, it is often thought of as place that seems ideally perfect, but is actually far from it. There are many books set in this kind of world, here are some of the most popular ones for teens: 'The Giver,' 'Feed,' and 'Uglies.' During this meeting, the group will share information about their favorite titles. Librarian Gail Zachariah will booktalk some new books about utopias.

The “All Booked Up" discussion group will meet tonight at 6:30pm at Aaron Cutler Memorial Library (Litchfield) to discuss Fahrenheit 451.

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