September 11, 2007

Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat

Never Cry Wolf follows the main character through his arctic adventures and scientific research in finding the reason for Cairbou herd decline. The Canadian government suspects its the wolves and needs this research completed to give final "proof" for the erradication of the Wolf population. The story is great porttrait of an individuals thoughts, observations, and reasoning of both the human world and the natural world (i.e.. The wolf). There is a balance that is discovered by the reader and the main character in the book that is ultimately important to the individual. This book outlines a great leason in reasoning and logic and pure observation, it makes you realize you cannot take for granted "assumed" truths and encourages acceptance of your own observations. A truly empowering book!

Chosen by
Ezekiel Jakub,
King Zartog Ruler of the land of Zepheroth
Charlestown, NH

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