September 27, 2007

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

I think that if this book was burned people wouldn't think of exploring. People also wouldn't think of a good friendship. You probably wouldn't get good ideas. People wouldn't know other people. Maybe people wouldn't get the idea of sharing. This book tells you that you don't have to hate people just because they're your new family. This book also teaches you just because you are far away from your friends does not mean you can not be close to them too. That's why I don't want this book burned.

Chosen by
Stephanie Dow
Dover, NH


Anonymous Monkey said...

I think this book is awesome!!! This website is boring. Add more stuff and book reports. ALL US KIDS NEED HELP ON BOOK REPORTS!!!
Seriously if you had book reports I'd come everyday i would be given one. JUST KNOW ME BY ANONYMOUS MONKEY. I'll check on here everyday to see how your are doing Bye !!!!

sweetiepie_chambers said...

I'm anonoymous monkey

sweetiepie_chambers said...

I am not going to be on here everyday or ever again