April 18, 2007

The Patriarch and the Prodigal Son by Joel Stanley

Maybe I'm partial ... or an unabashed self-promoter like P. T. Barnum but do save my very own book I authored from any flames, please! My book I wrote has caused "fires" because of the way it is recieved by those who'd burn it. Flames of controversy surround it and its origins in my life raised in a religion that itself would burn books, all but theirs! For they are one of the worlds largest book publishers themselves but have zero tolerance for the printed words of other's religious and secular viewpoints. They were once very oppressed; now they oppress dissident expelled outsiders like me that total millions. Why do copies of my book keep disappearing from library shelves? Perhaps you can still read The Patriarch and the Prodigal Son: What I Witnessed as a Jehovah's Witness by Joel Stanley (About Time Publishing, 1981) by inquiring of your local library?

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Joel Stanley, author
Berlin, NH

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