April 18, 2007


In response to New Hampshire Reads Fahrenheit 451 I am offering the book I would remember and save from the flames. It begins with a sublime telling of creation and God's judgment: "It is good." Following chapters chart humanity's fall to the depth of hatred, betrayal, warfare ... the ills that still oppress us. In the end there is one who overcomes the evil that afflicted him and his family: Joseph. By forgiving his brothers brings peace and restores community.

The book I want to save: Genesis

It begins with a poetic picture of our origins. Then it tells of a rebellious human race dominated by selfishness. Families break into rival groups. Clans control members, oppress outsiders. All the weaknesses and evils of humanity are seen in the struggles of Abraham and his descendants. At its close is Joseph, who experiences great suffering and great success. He finds the power that allows us to go on: forgiveness. Joseph forgives the brothers who sold him into slavery and acknowledges that there is one who oversees the ignorant stumbling of humanity and shows a way to peace.

Chosen by
Raymond Mitchell
East Andover, NH

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